It All Starts With A Solid Foundation

When it comes to your home or business, it is essential for you to have a solid foundation. So what do you do when your foundation begins to show cracks, chips & other defects? You are going to want to get a licensed foundation repair service in to inspect the damage and give you professional advice on how to proceed.

With Strate Point Foundation Repair, you can get a FREE inspection. We do a thorough inspection of not only where there is visible damage but also inspect the rest of the foundation to ensure there are not more areas where damage could have occurred.

We service all aspects of your foundation so if you see any of these problems listed below it is time to get a foundation professional to inspect it right away:
Cracks In Drywall
Bowing Walls
Cracks in Concrete Basement Walls
Sticking Windows or Doors
Sagging Floors Over Your Crawlspace
Cracks in Slab Floors

In some cases, a complete foundation replacement is necessary. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to perform any and all foundation tasks with efficiency and at an affordable price. Do not wait to call us if you are seeing cracks in your foundation. Contact us immediately.

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